Should some bankers face jail?

Some bankers could be find themselves behind bars if their actions cause another financial crisis. Others will get off easily.

Putin’s road to Domescus

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Vladimir Putin is not the most popular man in the western world. But is he an "enlightened, proto-European democrat."

Boris, in all seriousness

We all want to know one important question when it comes to Boris Johnson, will he be the next PM?

Not just a Mediterranean state of mind

A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of spending cuts. Jack Brinded has more.

Abandoning America’s 51%

The Republicans are playing some risky moves in trying to win the female vote by sending women's rights back into the dark ages.

Nick Clegg and his party’s sorry situation

For politicians, it seems sorry really is the hardest word. Perhaps for none more so than Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.