Against Sopa, or running the congressional blockade in the digital age

George Hamilton-Jones takes an in-depth look at Sopa, the controversial bill which would allow the US government to censor portions of the internet.

Independence for Scotland. How about independence for London?

As Alex Sammond, leader of the Scottish National Party and first minister for Scotland pushes for independence, Harry Theaker examines the consequences for the Union and England.

Feminism can look good

Hannah Britt offers a rebuttal to the claim that women only dress up to attract men.

Diane’s dilemma

With Diane Abbot’s Twitter comments causing a stir, Greg Manterfield-Ivory looks at the underlying issue of freedom of speech in the public realm.

The death-knell: is this the beginning of the end for humanities?

Nicola Walters debates the future of humanities courses in the light of last semester's closure of the School of Music.