How Putin’s gamble in Ukraine has paid off

Ukraine’s recent signing of the EU Association Agreement had all the hallmarks of a great political triumph— from President Petro Poroshenko’s “Slava Ukrayini!” (Glory...

The widening divide between NUS and membership

At the panel launch Malia Bouattia declined to discuss the allegations of anti- Semitism and accusations of being an ISIS sympathiser that met her...

Intolerance reigns in Nigeria

Rhian Poole vehemently criticises the Nigerian government for their stance on homosexuality.

Help to Work is the joker in the policy deck

Andrew Ansell writes on the government's new Help To Work scheme.

Lads, you’re an affront to feminism

Lad culture poses a real threat to the treatment of women. It's an unfunny joke that has a grip on the male and female youth.
EU Auditors Building, Brexit

Another week in Brexit

It was, I think, when I went to the office next to mine to use the scanner, only to emerge after a 20-minute Brexit...