“Not a real degree”?

The phrase “but that’s not a real degree” is one I’ve become all too familiar with as I’ve progessed through my Film and English course at UEA.

There is more to Ukip than just Nigel Farage

With the general elections drawing ever closer, Britain’s parties are naturally being increasingly scrutinised. However, due to the political agendas of Britain’s media, the...
George Osborne. Photo: Flickr, Number Ten

George Osborne has less experience than the average trainee

Earlier today it was announced that George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Conservative MP for Tatton, has been made Editor-in-Chief of the...
Corbyn, Clara, Flickr

Ben Gadsen defends Corbynist politics

It seems to be a rule of British politics today that people will underestimate Jeremy Corbyn. He appears unimpressive, as I discovered meeting him last...

More deliberation needed into status of online pornography

Saul Holmes considers David Cameron's plans to ban online pornography.

“I was raised Catholic, but I’m an Atheist now”

This year a survey showed 70% of young people in the UK have no kind of relationship with religion. I think it’s pretty easy...