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Is it time to exit Brexit?

1 year and 4 months post the referendum we find public support for Brexit at its lowest since the referendum. A YouGov poll found...
Cuts to housing benefit another nail in the coffin

Cuts to housing benefit another nail in the coffin

Since the coalition came into power in 2010, young people have not had the best of times to say the least.
Suffragettes. Photo: Johnny Cyprus, Wikimedia

Feminism doesn’t end with the liberation of white women

At the London premiere of the new film ‘Suffragette’ on 7th October, members of the feminist action group, Sisters Uncut, jumped the barriers around...

Obama’s chance for radicalism

Tim Rose explains why Obama’s head start will give him the opportunity to be truly radical.
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Jack Ashton: How to turn 21

I turned 21 recently. Unlike being 16 where I could legally have sex, 17 where I could legally drive and 18 where I could...
Vladimir Putin. Photo: Wikimedia

Will the Russian airstrikes in Syria shift the balance of power in Putin’s favour?

Russia’s parliament approved a request by President Putin on 30th September to begin a series of aerial bombing raids to be carried out against...