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Ukeep out of our election

UKIP swung into the limelight in 2014, capturing the nations attention with "traditionally conservative values" and the aim of leaving the EU. Much of...

Religion, not “Radicalisation”, is at fault at Woolwich

Jack Perkin gives his view on religion in modern society, in wake of the Woolwich murder of Lee Rigby.

Feminism can look good

Hannah Britt offers a rebuttal to the claim that women only dress up to attract men.

The Use Of Mental Health Slurs in Colloquial Language

As someone with mental health issues: anxiety, autism and probably a degree of depression, I'm very used to a level of discrimination and stigma...

Disney stars – Not all happy endings

Verity Stone on the rise and fall of Disney child stars.

Vice Chancellor David Richardson on mental health crisis: ‘We do need help and support’

UEA is a community of 21,000 people, of all ages, and all backgrounds. Each and every one of us is an individual with our...