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Norwich, UK
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Features writer Laura Phillips looks at a new campaign aiming to dispel stigma around mental health.
Eating locally is a great way of making a difference to both the environment and your conscience. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in Norwich that stock organic, ethically sourced food. Here are just a few.
Features editor Lauren Cope interviews Mental Health Co-Ordinator Lydia Pell about raising awareness
For as long as there have been students, there has been the expectation that they will live not only in near poverty, but also in complete filth. Why is this expected?
Takeaways: the ultimate student temptation. Holly Whitaker says it's time to start thinking about your bank balance and body.
Norwich once had over 600 pubs. Now, there are far fewer. Rhian Poole lists the best.