The student-founded Great British Magazine has launched a section for international students, offering a dose of culture and discounts.
In 2010, Burma held its first general election in 20 years, widely branded a sham. Robert Norris takes a look at how the move towards democracy has affected the population and foreign relations.
In 1998 only a handful of countries had extensive internet usage. Today, nearly two billion people worldwide have ready access to the internet. Gone are the days when the world seemed a vast and inaccessible abyss to many who were limited to their own countries and even their own homes.
International writer Robert Norris shares his experience of studying in Canberra as part of UEA’s Erasmus programme.
By now, one would have to be completely unaware of how the internet works to not have heard of Kony 2012.
Max Hui reviews the focal point of the Union of UEA Students' Go Global Week, the International Party.