My “mission statement” demonstrates that I aim to use the Couchsurfing network, ‘To learn as much as I can about the world, and the people who make it the beautiful place that it is.
It is said of many cities that history lies around every corner. In Sarajevo, what lies around every corner is not yet history. 25 years since the siege that left the city with its wounded skyline and limbless beggars,...
Imagine being surrounded by passion. Citizens adorned in yellow and red stripes in parading processions, flags waved to the heavens, walls of noise surrounding a city, forming a fortress of sound. This is the heart of Catalonia, and it’s party time.
Brimming with confidence and overflowing with chips, Macau is the Las Vegas of the Far East.
Annabel Harper explores the ethical problems with "human safaris", where tourists can be guided around areas inhabited by tribal people.
Callum Graham describes his favourite town in the world, Lubhoo.