Creative Writing

Creative Writing

pulp fiction by Davide Moroni on flickr

I don’t love love

I don’t love love I quite like hate I think it’s amusing I tell all my mates Let’s watch something angry Pulp Fiction? Kill Bill? Let’s put something on With a little...
old woman

Old woman on a bridge

An old woman sits on the edge of a wooden train bridge, her feet dangling high above a green lagoon, looking out at the...
fridge by magicalhobo on sketchport

Not a poem

A bottle of wine for us to share, A blanket, some crackers and cheese And as you drowned me in cheddar squares I’d beg, “leave me alone,...
snake by susannp4 on pixabay

H after h

Hit with the hours of the day, I hurried to the quaint hut in which the vote was to take place. As I stepped...
flowers by pixabay on pixabay

Pretty-petal flowers

Pretty-petal-flowers stick needles in my eyes O’ my lovely, you witch. I fear you pollinate me oh my senses are awry; thread strings of dandelion through my...
Ginny, Wikicommons


Here is a book; now open its page, Its words have been read from age to age, Close your eyes; now count to three, And think of...