Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Secrets. Illustration: Ana Dukakis for Concrete

Creative Writing – 23rd February

For this issue I got you all writing about secrets. Everybody has them, nobody keeps them. Perhaps you have one. Perhaps you are keeping...

Creative Writing: Purple Sunset

I liked the evening because it was in between dark and light, a purple colour that makes everything clear and easy. You say let’s...
Creative absurdity eye. Illustration: Ana Dukakis for Concrete

Creative Writing – February 9th

For this issue I wanted everybody to turn the attention of the absurdity of the reality we inhabit (as well as explore the surreal...

Creative Writing: Horizon

Hillock of thrusting buttocks and hips – broken dry stone spine, shifting. Deep ravine, valley walls where waters run swift in fertile ground. Branches and bracken catch, clawing at river-bed. Breeze rustle-of-leaves sighs.

Free to dream

I am not just thinking thoughts; my thoughts are thinking too. My hands are behind my head, against my pillow, my fingers forming a...


Breaking me was fine. It didn’t hurt until you put Me back together.