Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Annie Tomkins

The Pack

‘—Südi!’ He hits the breaks and we’re thrown forward in our seats – I fling my hands onto the dash, saving myself, but I hear...
Annie Tomkins


who scooped me out? who took a spoon from their draw and just started digging. digging at my pure, white, vanilla flesh. now you have only my vessel left. did i taste...
Annie Tompkins


There is anger like a drug. The quick blaze stains your guts, twists them. You hate it, that fire flexing within you, lighting veins with...
C E Matthews

Back to Black

The car ride to the coach depot was a dark one. Michael couldn’t believe he left his art portfolio on the bus. Cocteau Twins...
hosullivan, flickr

Dreams and reality

Every night, my dreams get stranger, but then they always have been strange. I’m back at school – I go back there often –...
EU Flag. Photo: fdecomite, Flickr.

A Political Limerick

Blue, Red, Purple, Green, My favourite colours when I was thirteen. Seldom is the truth, Ever spoken to the youth. Has this dystopia been taken from a movie...