Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Megan Furr


Found my body washed upon the shore and panting The love that my soul shared reminded me of swimming And I remembered my child heart singing...
Annie Tomkins

Three Contributors

Oh cloudy night reach down your kind hand to us We bless your appearance so forgiving and beautiful You cover those pretty stars those deceiving spies That...
GDJ, pixabay

Death by Numbers

One two, one two, me and you, We are caught in a ladder of numbers: the years roll out and scroll up. Watch them pass us...
Annie Tomkins

Caffeine and Cocoa

“What would you like?” Daniel asked. Will grinned. “Can I push my luck and ask for one of those deluxe hot chocolates?” “You won’t have any...
Annie Tomkins


The more I saw it, the more I saw through it, or maybe behind it. Big Northern blokes, strutting with their elbows out like...
Kate Romain


The mirror refracts The eyes’ limitations exposed, You can’t take in the whole image: Forced to focus on elements, Gaze distorted, Everything abstracted. Trying to piece the fragments together is...