It’s 2013. An age when heating is no longer a luxury. It’s there. It’s working and we love it. Gone are the caveman days when we had to huddle around the fire after a hard day chasing a woolly mammoth.


Today, if we really fancied it, we could stroll around in our underwear in tropical temperatures during a winter storm and not think twice about it. Then of course, there is student living. Now, budgeting is needed, I realise that. But is it right to sacrifice comfort for the sake of saving a few pennies?

Perhaps. I’ve recently just moved into student accommodation and within hours of my arrival there was a feeling of uneasiness in the air. Breaking news. No sufficient working boiler. Parents aghast with panic, I turned to my housemate in hope of reassurance and instead I received an unconcerned look: “It’s fine, I don’t mind a cold shower”. Astounded and certain pneumonia was just around the corner, I quickly came to realise that I had unnecessarily panicked.

The truth is, after waving my parents off (content they could return to a steamy waterfall at their balmy abode) I realised how easy it was for me to adapt to a cooler climate.

Granted, I know it’s not minus seven outside yet, but there are little things we can all do to stay warmer without the function of central heating. For instance, wearing extra layers and using hot water bottles are simple and easy things we can do to save money and turn off the heating.

We shouldn’t need it on all the time. It’s a waste of energy and money. Plus, if you spend the majority of your day at university, then your heating should only be needed in the evening for a couple of hours at the most. Despite the fact we’d all like to have the feel of Hawaii in our student hutches, it’s something we should be realistic about.

Post-broken boiler, central heating is taken a lot less for granted in our house. Stuck for weeks without hot water gave us perspective. Use it, but don’t overdo it; it’s not needed. Stripping back to necessities isn’t that bad. We can survive. Suck it up students and put on a jumper. Underneath all that well-groomed bravado, your primitive being awaits for some hardcore student living. You just don’t know it yet.