Your eyes chart me
As though you’d never sailed forth before
And I, on top, am your maiden voyage.
We aren’t looking at each other much
But in your eyes I see
Behind the hoisted rigging,
The ceremony of renaming is taking place:
Your have practiced this,
Sharpening your tools,
So that your movements are revenant.
Bored of your ritual I look past you

Look past you to see a sisterhood,
Spreading out on the bed before me
A bed I now share for
I am Jane-made to any Antoinette.
We are a sisterhood of offerings
Of sacrifices made to reaction
We, the newly owned face,
We must learn to slip into that space
In his heart, that hollow hole
Where he hides what he marks
As his heart’s desire
And we must re-fill
Re-stretch and re-shape
Re-mould his sack to desire us now
Our mouths must iron out past marks
And stitch the scars and buff the breaks
With every genuflect we give
The chains of his veins beat tighter
And he makes us his Love.

I turn back, behind me
To look into your eyes again
Just as you anoint me with your proof of desire
It is as you come to your ritual end
The mists of the ceremony part once more
This time I glimpse
The sisters yet ordained
Women so imagined they become real,
Like the estranged friends that we court in dreams
Created from the past but cast in the future
The women who wear his future love
And I wonder

Did Eve think on the face of Lilith?
Did Lilith dwell on the face of Eve?