To save those overworked elves in the North Pole from any undue stress, the UK Toy Retailers Association have compiled their list of this Christmas’ must-have toys.

After two years of fast growth in the sector and a slower start in 2017, with toy sales falling by two percent during the first three quarters of the year, sales have been a little disappointing.

However, retailers anticipate parents to disregard their budgets and splash out for the Christmas season.

For children aged eleven and under, spending on toys adds up to an average of £121 per child, according to analysts NPD. Christmas sales of toys also make up a third of the annual spend on toys, so it is all the more vital that retailers get their guesses right.

Yet in previous years, even toys which had been precedented as the season’s ‘must-have toy’ became so popular that retailers and manufacturers had been unable to meet demands.

Last year, the craze for the Hatchimals toys led to stock shortages worldwide and parents scrambling to get one in time for Christmas.

Toys ‘R’ Us quickly had to limit sales to one product per customer and removed them from their online shop completely, meaning customers had to go in-store to buy one – if they were in stock.

2014 saw a similar phenomenon when Frozen-mania was at its peak; the Snow Glow Elsa doll would set parents back £35 that Christmas, if they were lucky enough to purchase one, as stock was sold out by November.

This Christmas, parents may face a repeat of last year, with the return of the Hatchimals on the list. Although it might be FurReal’s Roarin’ Tyler animatronic tiger toy that gives parents a bit more of a scare as it is the most expensive on the list with a price tag of £134.99.

With toys also included from well-known franchises, such as Star Wars and Marvel, only three toys on the list that cost less than £20, Christmas is set to be another expensive time for parents and families around the UK.