Christmas TV: our favourite moments

Batman: The Animated Series S1 E38 Christmas with the Joker

“In many ways, Christmas with the Joker isn’t one of the more inventive episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. The main plotline features a fairly standard adventure, with the Joker escaping from Arkham and taking a number of hostages before putting the Dynamic Duo through some holiday-themed trials in order to rescue them. The real holiday magic comes with the secondary plot of Robin trying to convince Batman that he can set aside his general cynicism for one day a year. While the Joker’s holiday-themed escapades and death-traps are certainly entertaining to watch, the idea of the Dark Knight trying to embrace goodwill and joy is where the episode becomes truly heart-warming. By the end, our usually stony and solemn protagonist admits that Christmas “has its moments”, showing that it is truly a holiday for everyone to come together and enjoy.” – Harry Routley

Gavin & Stacey S2 E8 Christmas Special

“For all you Gavin and Stacey fans out there, few episodes beat the brilliance that was the Christmas special. After the emotional series 2 finale in which Nessa went into labour, and seemingly ended Gavin and Stacey’s complications, we meet the cast back in Essex for a Christmas bonanza which doesn’t disappoint. With Mick preoccupied with the new love of his life, the Christmas turkey, the celebrations are well underway, and Smithy can’t wait to celebrate his first Christmas with Neil (the baby). Of course, things never run that smoothly; although the Christmas special is full of drama and bombshells, it still manages to deliver some heartfelt comedic moments, such as Smithy singing to Gavin ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’ down the phone, and Nessa insisting that Gavin pay to sit on her knee while she’s working as Santa in the grotto with Dave makes for one of the most awkward-but-genius scenes in the series” – Charlotte Manning

Gossip Girl S1 E11 Roman Holiday

“Gossip Girl is remembered as the show laced in sex, scandal, and Blair Waldorf’s impeccable style. However, behind all the bejewelled façade it was really a show about a group of young people growing up and finding their place in the world beyond the Upper East side. One of the best episodes, which happens to be a Christmas episode, is “Roman Holiday” which sees Blair trying to navigate Christmas with her dad after he left for Paris with his new partner. The episode gives us a greater understanding of the acid-tongued socialite, and the beauty is that her perfect gift doesn’t break the bank, but instead is simply quality time with her dad. When I think of my favourite holiday memory, like Blair, I must say it was the first break home after my first semester of college. Coming home, and spending the day with my family and reminiscing about past Christmases together.” – William Samayoa

Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow S2 E7 Christmas Special

“From the frustrating nature of sellotape and scissors (one ‘winds itself up when you’re not looking, while the other goes missing), to Gino’s accent as he talks of the piles of presents he has in his household, Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Comedy Roadshow perfectly embodies the spirit of Christmas. Among his star-studded guests is one particular highlight: the angriest man in Wales, Rhod Gilbert, and his spiel about his girlfriend’s gift: an electric toothbrush… You cannot go wrong with a Christmas singalong, but you would think that when it comes to Michael McIntyre imitating Shane MacGowan and Pixie Lott taking Kirsty MacColl’s place when giving their rendition of ‘Fairytale of New York’, you can in fact go very wrong. But the impersonation is priceless, and Pixie does Kirsty proud. Add to it some Irish river dancing, and Michael trying his hand at joining in, and you have some priceless television. Second place goes to McIntyre acting as cupid between Miranda Hart and Smithy from Gavin and Stacey, and what happens when they attempt the Dirty Dancing lift…” – Tom Cascarini

Modern Family S3 E10 Express Christmas

“Modern Family focuses on a dysfunctional American family living in California, with each episode being fuelled by silly jokes and great life lessons. They go through what any other family might go through, weddings, funerals and plenty of turbulent Christmasses. Express Christmas is one of the most touching episodes – when the family finds out they will not be together for Christmas and decide to have an early one. Of course, it all goes horribly wrong, with the Christmas tree being run over and the turkey being traded for a baseball card. The silver lining, however, is Jay, father of Claire and Mitchel, deciding to surprise the family with a snow machine, creating the perfect white Express Christmas in the California heat. This great Christmas episode ends with the whole family playing together in the snow, a lovely end to the festive episode. We can only hope that the next Christmas episode, coming out this December, is as good as this one.” – Daniela Ponjuan Sanabria


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