Starting tomorrow (3 August), all clubs and bars on the Prince of Wales Road will no longer sell alcohol past 4am in an attempt to tackle violent crime.

A number of venues have volunteered to take part in the plan intended to reduce anti-social behaviour, violence and the burden on the police.

Superintendent Paul Sanford welcomes the cooperation of clubs and bars, thanking them for their “positive action” and for recognising that “the supply of alcohol well into the early hours is a contributing factor in violent crime and disorder.”

He also outlined the burden this has on the city’s police, saying “demand on resources has increased significantly” since longer sale hours began in 2009. “Between four and six more officers were deployed at weekends”, he added.

The new sale hours are also designed to create a “healthier gap” between Norwich’s night life and business activity during the day.

The change comes just months before new licensing laws are introduced. The new regulations will give local authorities the right to restrict the sale of alcohol in the early hours.

Click here to read the full statement on Norfolk Constabulary’s website.