A recent NUS survey has demonstrated the continuing demise of student support for the Liberal Democrats, despite a public apology from party leader Nick Clegg.

Only 11.1% of the 25,000 students that participated in the survey said that the apology for the party’s failure to abide by its pledge not to raise tuition fees had increased the likelihood for a vote in favour of the Liberal Democrats. Just 7.7% said they would back the party in a general election, a figure which trails far behind the 37.9% of students who would support the Labour party.

Notably, 16.8% of participants said they would vote in favour of the Conservative party, which initiated the tuition fee increase introduced at the start of this academic year.

These results suggest that by endorsing the rise in tuition fees, Nick Clegg and his colleagues have damaged the reputation of the Liberal Democrats amongst the student community. Commentators have doubted whether the apology was an expression of genuine remorse or an act of political expedience.

Nick Clegg’s official apology video from the LibDem YouTube channel currently has around 120,000 hits. This is in stark contrast to the 2 million views of the Auto-Tune remix created by satirical website The Poke.

The Nick Clegg apology song: