After numerous expert diagnosis from multiple specialists, and detailed examination of Nathan Dale’s CT scan, the former IBF World Youth Welterweight boxing champion has announced the all clear from his recent hand injury.

Despite beating Nathan Hardy in his last bout at the Epic Studios in Norwich last year, Dale’s injury persisted, leaving the 26 year old reserved to the side-lines.

The boxer stressed the support he received from his friends and family, who helped him through this tough period. Dale commented: “The last few months have been difficult, and have tested my mental strength.”

The boxer now looks as though he has made it through the injury and is now focused on looking ahead. Keen to put the past few months behind him, Dale has high hopes for what 2018 can bring.

Dale tweeted: “New year, new goals. I certainly haven’t been sitting around watching daytime TV.”

Promoter Ervyn Turner said, “Nathan now needs a couple of fights to get

any ring rust out of his system.” During his time out, the Norwich born athlete kept to his strict fitness, diet and exercise regime, this he hopes will help him achieve his goal of winning back the lightweight belt. The boxer said “I have maintained my high level of fitness for which I am known, kept to my strict healthy lifestyle and maintained control of my nutritional

With Dale

seemingly past the hand injury for now, he is targetting the sort of

form he was showing pre injury. Dale added: “I am in a very good position to get straight back into the

gym and to work.”
“I intend to get back in the ring

as soon as I can and work my way back to where I was – challenging for and winning those lightweight belts.”