To celebrate our 350th issue, team Concrete mapped our impact on campus over the last 26 years. Find our multimedia map here, featuring videos, articles and UEA’s juiciest stories. The highlights include university-wide practical jokes, Sting in the square and porn projected on Paston house – we certainly can’t fault students for their creativity.

But our archives show it might have something to do with students’ substantial bar tabs racked up at the SU. Concrete’s articles show that UEA has always committed to its nights out; we reported on £45k spent at the SU bar by long graduated freshers. We look at cockroach infestations, accommodation accidents and mysterious incidents across all of UEA’s campus – take a look at the map for the full picture. If the last 350 issues have taught us anything, it’s that UEA has always been wonderful – wonderfully odd. Here’s to the next 350.

The Norfolk Terrace roof needs railings

Concrete’s Jack Ashton and Chloe Howcroft took a look at, what I regard to be, the best accommodation on campus. The ziggurats are the iconic brutalist companion to the UEA campus. Students living there have long struggled against the lure of their rooftops. Jack and Chloe highlight Concrete’s reporting on incidents that ended students’ love affair with their unstable rooftops.

Paston House porn projection

Jack Ashton and Chloe Howcroft reflected on Concrete’s report of porn projected on Paston House. The 20-minute projection eventually alerted the attention of staff, and as you can imagine, made a stir on campus. Concrete is and has always been, committed to telling students what’s going on at UEA, but this was certainly a once in a lifetime story.

The LCR’s gig history

Tony Allen interviewed Gavin Hudson to talk the LCR’s gig history. UEA has seen some of the biggest stars on campus, including Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Gavin Hudson, who was a student at UEA in the early 80s, found a love of music embedded on campus. As Deputy Head of Venue management, Tony chatted with Gavin about what makes UEA a unique gig venue and his highlights from the past 30 years.

Protest in the square

Matt Nixon focuses on protest at UEA. In light of the current pension strikes, his analysis of “die-ins,” placards and protest is particularly poignant.

Check out the interactive map to see who held the banners and what they chanted for.

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