Living in halls is hard. We get it. Here are our best tips on how to feed yourself at university.

“To survive the  communal kitchens, wash your stuff ASAP. Don’t leave it till tomorrow because tomorrow will turn into next week.”

“Don’t leave your fruit and veg in the bags they come in. Please don’t. I’ve seen too many plastic bags of rotting bananas…”

Amy Newberry

“Freeze a couple pints of milk, you won’t run out after a few days and have to make a late night SU-shop run because you want a cuppa.”

“Food in a jiffy –  keep a packet of Super Noodles or Uncle Ben’s rice in your food cupboard. They’re really useful if you have little time or just fancy a snack.”

Isabelle Siddle

“Making spag bol? Or anything else really? Bulk-cook that shit. Bang it in a tupperware and freeze it.”

“Buy later in the day for students, money is a massive issue. If you’re struggling to buy cheap food, go to supermarkets later on in the day, and check out the clearance shelves. ì

Hannah Brown