Just words,
Jasmine in the breeze.
We flirted with ease.
Our sexuality
became shayari. (1)
That one night,
we decided to let go-

One flower of passion
strung to another
like a garland of fantasies.
Dreams like clear crystal balls,
we teased and played
with our words
till we saw the light of the day.
Nights passed and
what I thought was real,
For you, was just play
Petals may have browned
but the fragrance
stayed with me, in my haze.
For we
kissed and touched
whispered words of love
gave each other blue bites
Curled up into each other-
Snail in its shell
Watching the moon
Wax and wane
In my sapphire sky of pain
For this can never be real
It’ll just remain
A gust of attar (2) adorned air
That slithered over our skin,
Bruises of love on our collarbones
It’ll fade soon
It’ll fade soon
For they were just memories yet to happen,
Blue bruises on my imagination.

1 Shayari is a musical form of Urdu Poetry that exists in Pakistan and India.

2 Attar is a fragrant or essential oil obtained from flowers that is commonly used in Pakistan and India.