We kissed at first sight,
you stood up,
I said ‘hello’ in a drawn out voice.

We met with our lips
and I noticed your nose,
your nose ring,
two silver ear rings.

You called me ‘love’
and spoke like a man.
I felt you by my side the whole night.

You were a wreck, of course,
so was I,
the hours were split
between manic discussions
and hand-held silences
with eye-flickers and tongue-fidgets.

We groped in your tent,
urgent amongst overheard voices.

Slowly, light joined us.
We fell asleep,
I woke to your back turned.

How beautiful,
that early morning doubt,
how delicious the feeling
when it is destroyed
with a slow stroke
and a shift in position,
a re-alignment of lips.

We lay outside
in the sunny wind
and I looked at your pale eyes,
your pale skin,
our contrast.

We exchanged snippets,
(careless tokens
yet so meaningful)

We drove while it rained.
I closed my eyes,
looked out the window,
held your hand as you reached over,
only letting go to change gear.

I wrapped myself around your arm-
smooth skin and a blue rose tattoo.