The reason I wanted to be a writer was the same reason I wanted to be an astronaut or an air hostess, because of the outfits.

Every writer you see on TV has slouchy trousers and funky glasses. It looked comfy and stylish. So, even before freshers I had my sights set on Concrete. That was going to be my ticket to a comfy trousered existence.

On the induction day I asked the guide (who turned out to be former Deputy Editor Caitlin Doherty) if UEA had a newspaper. As a fresher I went to the societies fair and gladly handed over my subscription fee in return for the free pens.

Then, as a second year, I interviewed UEA’s honorary graduates – what a glow up. In our interview with the honorary graduates, featured on page 16, we talked about the development of education.

We were repeatedly told that the students of today will step out into a harder and more volatile world than ever before. It sounds negative but they made it seem almost exciting. Especially as a writer, because there are no rules anymore. That means, as Matt Frei told us, we can say (almost) whatever we like.

I only just dropped my freshers title. I’m free and happier knowing the best spot in the library, which shoes to sacrifice to the LCR and where the Media Office is (upstairs in the Hive, just past grad bar. It took me a while.)

In our freshers issue, full of tips to relieve freshers’ pressures, you can learn it all, and much sooner than I did. You’re welcome.

Whether a fresher or returner, enjoy the first two weeks before deadlines set in. As a second year, in between my degree, I’ll be playing Deputy Editor and wearing my funky glasses with slouchy trousers. I think I fit the part well.