Disease. It’s something none of us can avoid forever. Many of us are likely to meet our ends at the hands of it. They are a constant worry of society and are so ever-present in the news and daily lives. This in turn moves to disease seeping into a variety of games, in various ways. The most obvious of these is some type of zombie virus.

However, the zombie epidemics in games have, unfortunately, been overdone. They are common trope and are thus no longer an interesting talking point. So instead of zombies, I would like to mention some disease-riddled games that take a different path.

One videogame that incorporates disease into the plot is Bloodborne. A recent game, your character is surrounded by a mysterious blood-borne plague, which is inspired by the vampiric disease of folklore. The game has horror elements, with the disease turning people into horrible creatures, but it is mostly an adventure game with a few jump scares. The gothic overtone helps the unnerving feeling that the disease brings to the game, and as such it becomes a modern classic.

A small mobile game that does this right is Plague Inc.. Working against the human race to get your illness through borders and survive as the  scientist attempts to create a cure. Despite being a small game, different tactics can be taken, with various ways of infecting the secluded Iceland and Madagascar. A nice touch is that you can also name your illness, so why not make everyone in the world die at the hands of ‘Deez Nuts’.

One final game is Pandemic, which is a board game. Very similar to Plague Inc. except this time you are on the side of humanity. Working with others you must find the cure to the infections threatening to wipe out humanity. The game is beyond popular with near perfect reviews and multiple spin offs that are equally successful. Board games for grown ups have been a growing trend over the last few years and Pandemic is at the forefront of this.

Zombies are not the be all and end all of disease in videogames. So if you are looking for a game to play for Halloween, but don’t like horror games, maybe give one of these a shot, or the thousands of other disease games that aren’t zombie based.