Students at Edinburgh University’s Student Association (EUSA) have been told that they will no longer be able to strawpedo drinks, after the practice was banned at one of its biggest club nights. To strawpedo is defined by Urban Dictionary as “downing a bottle of beverage, using a bendy straw to allow the liquid to be replaced by air, therefore not creating a vacuum. This means the beverage will go down faster”.

Many people have previously taken to the internet to show off their strawpedo talents, with one man setting the benchmark by downing a bottle of wine in just four seconds. However, the preferred drink of choice for those taking part is the VK.

EUSA’s Vice President for Services, Tasha Boardman, told Scottish daily The Scotsman: “We have a responsibility to operate in a socially responsible manner in accordance with licensing law.

“We had been seeing an increase in strawpedoing which is not deemed as responsible consumption under licensing legislation, which we have a duty to uphold.
“We removed the straws so we could communicate to customers when requesting a straw that strawpedoing is not a practice we allow and if caught they may be removed.”
Edinburgh students aren’t impressed with the ban. A petition started against the it states: “EUSA have said this is part of their ‘duty’ to prevent irresponsible drinking. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t stop irresponsible drinking. Irresponsible drinking is drinking too much for you to handle. EUSA aren’t stopping students from drinking, but they are controlling how students drink. Which quite frankly, should be none of their business”.

The petition goes on to accuse EUSA of “revelling in their role as heartless killjoys” and “banning strawpedos because they have nothing better to do”. At the time of writing, the petition had 475 signatures. Moreover, a report in The Scotsman said that a group of students had attempted to “storm” their way into a union club night as an act of defiance against the ban.