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Editor-in-Chief: Megan Baynes
Megan is returning for the final year of her American Literature with Creative Writing degree. Having just spent a year studying in Massachusetts she is excited to return to the fine city of Norwich having escaped the clutches of Trumpania. She can probably be found drinking coffee and writing an excessive amounts of to-do lists, or muttering to her computer whilst drinking an entire bottle of white wine.

Deputy Editor: Jessica Frank-Keyes
Jessica Frank-Keyes began her journalistic career by writing her first news piece on #GoatsForVotes. After this auspicious start, she spent last year as News Editor, covering Derby Day and Sombrero-gate and interviewing everyone from the Vice-Chancellor to Swedish pop stars and government ministers. Luckily these adventures increased her enthusiasm for the weird and wonderful world of student journalism and she’s thrilled to be returning to Concrete for another go. A soon-to-be third year History and Politics student, she can usually be found in the media centre, blasting the Wicked soundtrack, banging on about Concrete’s SPA glory, and keeping Unio in business with her need for a near-constant stream of caramel lattes. If lost: return to the nearest Mac, or bottle of Blossom Hill.

CaitlinDeputy Editor: Caitlin Doherty
Having started by penning a piece on Jeremy Clarkson causing a fuss in Argentina during 2014’s Fresher’s Week, Caitlin Doherty has somehow managed to squeeze herself into a fabulous pair of Deputy Editor shoes – but, not without a Global Editorship, several encounters with shouty politicians, some Big Weekend reporting, and a strange, last-minute article about Norfolk farmers and their cows along the way.  An English Literature finalist, Caitlin spends far too much of her time moaning about ‘bad reading light’ and far too much of her money on books that could quite easily substitute a doorstop. Will more than likely be in a secluded corner, permanently tweeting about Concrete’s SPA successes, but if lost, please return to Unio pizza.

JamesOnline Editor: James Chesson
James is taking on the role of Online Editor following a hopefully somewhat successful spell as Co-Editor of the Sport section. His main interests are football and politics, which make up most of his articles and at least 99% of his Twitter feed. Fortunately he is much better at writing about sport and politics than actually taking part in either of them. As an Arsenal fan, his biggest claim to fame so far is being retweeted by Ian Wright. He also does a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing in the spare time that Concrete allows.

Online Assistant: Gavin O’Donnell

EmilyNews Editor: Emily Hawkins
Emily Hawkins is a second year History student, who is looking forward to editing Concrete News in between procrastinating essays by watching detective series and taking Buzzfeed quizzes. She is interested in party politics and journalism on young people’s issues, including higher education, mental health, liberation politics and pop culture.

AmandaSenior Reporter for News: Amanda Ng
It is a daily routine for Amanda to see people’s mouths contort as they attempt a pronunciation of her surname. Normally she ends up hearing a noise that is nothing like how it is supposed to sound and more like a formulation of a cow’s moo and a church bell ring. So ladies and gentlemen, when you come across ‘Ng’ think of ‘uncle’ but instead of the ‘c’ replace it with a ‘g’, and get rid of ‘le’. If you can’t remember, no worries, she laughs at almost anything and everything. So, pat on the back for trying.

Sacha SilverstoneGlobal Editor: Sacha Silverstone
concrete.global@uea.ac.ukSacha is in her fourth year at UEA, and is excited to finally finish education until she realises that she has to find a job and be an adult. After spending half a year in America and the other half in Australia, she has learnt a range of great phrases she hopes to implement in England: for example “arvo” for afternoon, not to be confused with “avo”, for avocado. After having to negotiate two countries with vocabularies predominantly consisting of made-up words, being global editor shouldn’t prove too big a problem. If you want to bribe her, use good whiskey, or any type of food (as long as it doesn’t have coconut in it, gross).

LillieFeatures Editor: Lillie Coles
Lillie is an English literature and creative writing student about to start her final year. Aside from reading and writing, you will find her watching Judge Judy or eating copious amounts of mac and cheese. She appreciates Modernism, terrible movies, fruity cocktails and making to-do lists (which never get done). Lillie hopes to become a published author one day, and insists that any judgements on her writing skills should not be based on this bio.

LydiaFeatures Editor: Lydia Lockyer
Lydia is a History of Art student who spends most of her time talking about food, eating food, or photographing food (while trying not to be one of those really annoying people who spends ages standing up in a restaurant trying to get the perfect, ‘from above’, shot). Other than that, you’ll find her rocking out with UEA’s Jazz Collective, updating her blog (Ham, Egg and Chicks) or listening to the Archers – because she’s a self-confessed country lass with an unusual obsession with Radio Four.

CharlieComment Editor: Charlie Dwyer

Charlie is a history student and minor league know-it-all with an uncanny ability to turn even the most innocuous, throwaway comment into full-blown debate on global geopolitics and social affairs. He maintains the rather quaint belief that the handful of articles he has written during his career as a student journalist will one day see him headhunted by the New Statesman and allowed to rub shoulders with ‘Malcolm Tucker types’ in what he describes, without a hint of self-awareness, as the ‘media-political matrix’.

MillyScience Editor: Milly Godfrey
Milly Godfrey is a fourth year American Literature and Creative Writing student, returning to UEA after her year abroad in the U.S. An everything bagel lover and an avid hater of hot drinks, Milly spends most of her time seeking out the perfect mimosa around the world (current front runner: Portland, Oregon) and reading Patti Smith.

JennyTravel Editor: Jennifer Redfern
Having recently returned from a year abroad in Santa Barbara, California, Jenny is still dreaming of sandy beaches, cloudless blue skies and palm trees while settling back into life in Norwich. When not mourning the loss of cheap avocados and Mexican food, Jenny can probably be found nursing a caffeine addiction, eating macaroni cheese and hiding from her dissertation, probably in the LCR. Hobbies include travelling (unsurprisingly), baking and Beyonce fangirling.

RichardSport Editor: Richard Ewart

Richard is a second year History student and will be the Co-Editor of Concrete Sport next year. Football wise, he is a Chelsea fan, deeply misses Jose Mourinho and loves a game of six-a-side on a Sunday. In summer, he will nearly always be found on a cricket pitch pretending that he’s playing at a far better standard than he actually is. When not watching or playing sport, he spends a lot of my time reading books or watching TV, with season six of Game of Thrones currently the centre of his attention.

NickSport Editor: Nick Murphy
Nick is an English Literature student and tragic, long-time supporter of National League side, Dagenham & Redbridge. When he’s not berating referees at Victoria Road, however, he’ll usually be found watching some other kind of sport on the TV, or screaming lyrics at terrified strangers in the LCR. Outside of sport (because apparently there is indeed a world that exists away from the confines of a football pitch), Nick also enjoys reading dystopian fiction, watching old TV sitcoms, and defending Essex as the UK’s greatest county.

MollyChief Copy Editor: Molly Burgess

Molly is a second year Modern History student, who is often found avoiding her essays by watching Netflix or listening to Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. After being a member of the yoga society for a year she likes to think of herself as a slightly above average yogi, and when attempting to cook, more often than not she resorts to her speciality dishes; smoothie bowls and pasta. Mr Brightside is her theme song and she often loses hours in Waterstones whilst dreaming of a career in publishing.

EmmaChief Copy Editor: Emma Slaughter
In the somewhat altered words of Johnny Cash, ‘Life ain’t easy for a girl named Slaughter’. A lifetime of bad abattoir jokes has left Emma with a thick skin and a scathing sense of humour. She is a third year English Literature and Philosophy student, returning from study abroad in Sweden with freshly discovered passions for cycling and recycling. She is also an inventive procrastinator and once found herself doing so by making miniature lampshades for a string of one hundred fairy lights.

KatieMarketing Director: Katie Gleeson
concrete.marketing@uea.ac.ukHaving spent a year being paid to write for and market a national newspaper on campus, Katie figured that the only way to top it would be to assume the role of award-winning student newspaper Concrete’s Marketing Director. A third year Politics student with a penchant for Twitter, great music, garlic bread and Kate Bush karaoke – plus a weird addiction to Barefoot Contessa (Food Network at 7pm, check it) – she can’t wait to get started in her new post. She won’t rest until all 14,000 UEA-goers are wielding a copy of Concrete with pride.

CharlotteSocial Media Coordinator: Charlotte Spencer
Charlotte is a third year American Lit and Creative Writing Student and aspiring struggling librettist or penniless playwright. Can be found justifying her Extreme Couponing obsession by viewing it as a necessary window into an emerging American subculture symptomatic of a congress failing the country’s most vulnerable and also a way to get two hundred free energy drinks. Excited to be social media coordinator and has been honing her Bebo skills in preparation.

SamEvents Manager: Sam Naylor
concrete.events@uea.ac.ukSam is a Culture, Literature, Politics undergraduate whose many passions include toasted teacakes and Yorkshire tea, all things Marvel comics related and singing in the shower when he thinks no one is listening. Currently writing for The Norwich Radical as well as being the Principle Researcher at Concrete last year, Sam enjoys venting about all the world’s ills in a part angry, part satirical manner to an arguable degree of success.


GraceEvents Assistant: Grace Fothergillconcrete.events@uea.ac.uk
Merging her passion of parties and planning, Grace is hoping to balance the role of Events Assistant whilst studying for her final year of her English Literature degree (and when she says studying- she means reading Roald Dahl Books, watching Mad Men and getting to call it work- English is great right?). One day she’d like travel the world and become Instagram famous; and she’d kind of like to work in children’s publishing too. Her favourite things are caramel lattes, trashy TV, reading, stay-in-bed days and pizza. She’s just joined the Yoga society (and will definitely be teaching the Concrete editorial team some meditation techniques) and is also a committee member of Eggbox Publishing society. You will most likely find her stalking Kylie Jenner’s Instagram, milling around the bi-weekly cake stall in the Hive or planning her next weekend trip away.




Niamh and DougieVenue Editors: Dougie Dodds & Niamh Jones

Niamh and Dougie, often referred to as ‘Nougie’ or ‘Diamh’ due to their uncanny ability to answer as one, Borg-like collective, are the new overlords of Venue. When apart Dougie likes to spend his time drawing and catching up on all the childhood experiences he realises he has missed (only just having watched Lion King and The Little Mermaid). Niamh likes to talk about sci-fi and Tim Burton to anyone who will listen and dress like a pretentious primary school teacher. She also chases sausage dogs for a living. They both share a love for typeface, and are total medieval nerds.

MelissaVenue Deputy Editor: Melissa Haggar

Melissa is currently studying for an MA in Film, and to avoid this responsibility has taken up the post of Deputy Editor of Venue. Occasionally forcing herself to do the mountain of work she hasn’t yet attempted, whilst also simultaneously panicking about her productivity, she spends the rest of her time unwinding by binge-watching television shows and obsessively blogging about Japanese idol groups. As an avid hoarder, she has quite an impressive collection of POP! Vinyls, DVDs, comic books and old issues of EMPIRE. No, you really don’t want to see them.

EmilyArt and Design Assistant: Emily Mildren
Emily is a second year studying lit & art history. As the Art & Design Assistant for Venue this year she’s responsible for sourcing illustrations, and so is forever on a mission to hunt down anyone that can draw (email her, please…) She is also a chip fiend and practices militant vegetarianism, she drinks too many jägerbombs and is a proud carer for countless pot plants. Enjoys being cosy af.



kateArts Editor: Kate Romain
Deciding to do a history and politics degree left an art-shaped hole in Kate’s life which she is very excited to be filling with being the new Concrete Arts editor. If she could do it all again she’d probably study art. Or creative writing. Or maybe midwifery… Or acting? Or song-writing! She is open minded and indecisive. Her three favourite things, in no particular order, are: Eminem, mushrooms and big hair. Her goal is to find a career that combines all three of these passions. Her three least favourite things, in no particular order, are: mosquitoes, Outer-Space, and barbeque sauce.

aliceMusic Editor: Alice Mortimer
Former Features Editor, Alice is back for another year of Concrete, but this time to revel in a year of new music with Venue. An Arctic Monkeys super-fan, her musical favourites range from the likes of Tame Impala, The Libertines and The Black Keys to Disclosure, Jamie xx and ‘King of Swing’ Frank Sinatra. She also unironically enjoys Pitbull, make of that what you wish. A third year Society, Culture and Media student, Alice is usually found trying to explain her course or attempting to justify its legitimacy, writing pointless lists or sat worrying about/dreading life post-UEA. She hopes a pair of headphones and editing music this year will serve as a distraction to this.

loisMusic Editor: Lois Young
An avid fan of music, ranging from Tay-Tay’s latest hits to the DMX classic ‘X Gon Give It To Ya,’ Lois is about to go into the third year of her History degree. Focussing on the medieval period means that she’s spent most of the last two years trying to work out how she would actually survive in the period (she’d probably end up in a convent somewhere…) and attempting to convince her RUDE friends that she is studying a real subject. She plans on distracting herself from the stress of her final year of university by co-editing the music section, interviewing lecturers about their Desert Island Discs choices, and continuing her obsession with period dramas.

EmilyClaridgeFashion Editor: Emily Claridge
Going into third year media studies, Emily once gave up coffee for lent and it was the worst month of her life. She’s attempting to get through summer still wearing all black and will sell her soul for a pink chair in the library. When she found out she was fashion editor she was wearing floral flares, a ‘keep calm and study’ tshirt from her mum and socks and sandals so she thinks she’s pretty ready for the job. Can be found instagram-ing her starbucks with no shame.

deniseTelevision Editor: Denise Koblenz
Preferring a quiet evening in front of the telly with a nice cup of tea and some knitting to clubbing, alcohol and music so loud it could easily blast your eardrums, Denise fully embraces her inner granny and is not ashamed to admit it. Aware that, sadly, she is not actually living in blissful retirement just yet, but is about to start her third year she has somewhat managed to adapt to the student lifestyle, and whenever this life of deadlines and socialising gets a bit too much she just escapes into the wondrous world that is Netflix.

hugoCreative Writing Editor: Hugo Douglas-Deane
Hugo is a third-year English Literature student who is (unsurprisingly) a fan of words. He likes writing essays, poems, songs, and enjoys long walks on the beach. He likes pretty photos, pretty songs, and pretty poetry. He has contributed regularly to Concrete over the past 2 years and is excited (and slightly worried) to be at the helm of the editing process, especially since he is on the committee for UEA Publishers and a fan of print in general.

KirstyGaming and Technology Editor: Kirsty McAlpine
As an ignorant and depraved ‘gamer girl’, Kirsty spends almost all of her time taking attention-seeking selfies with video game memorabilia, pretending to love Mountain Dew, and having no idea what an ‘MLG’ is but laughing at the references anyway so that people will like her. She likes to spend her time commenting “I’m only a girl but I love this game!” on online forums in order to garner brief glimpses of attention. She thinks a MOBA is a germ. Kirsty’s favourite game is Candy Crush and she thinks Harvest Moon is too hardcore. Filthy casual. (yes, this is sarcasm).

WillaFilm Editor: Willa Hope
Willa applied for the role of Film Section Co-Editor because she thought having a Netflix account was enough of a qualification. She was also drawn in by the promise of free cinema tickets. Is she pretentious? Probably, but that’s what editors are for. Willa is in her second year reading American Studies but likes to pretend she knows more than film studies students. Embarrassingly though, she would always rather be watching a chick flick than an Oscar winner. Willa can usually be found in her bed watching Gossip Girl, cooing over the Shetland ponies or eating.

LouisFilm Editor: Louis Pigeon-Owen
Louis Pigeon-Owen is a part-time blogger and full-time film enthusiast, going into his third year of an English Literature and Creative Writing degree. He is interested in Nordic Noir, unreasonably flamboyant shirts and whether or not our existence holds any cosmic importance. After a violent stand-off with his biographer, Louis fired the man in question with immediate effect and without even giving him his monthly pay-check, so the project was abandoned mid-sen… oh wait there’s more! I am also famous for appearing in The Tab’s best dressed on campus, and struggle to write 100 words about myself.