Fargo season 3 (22nd Jan)

For those who have doubt over Ewan McGregor’s range as an actor (as I did), I would advise watching the third season of Fargo to witness his (now Golden Globe winning) performance as both twin brothers: Emmit and Ray Stussy. The acting is phenomenal, with Carrie Coon (pictured) giving a subtly powerful performance and David Thewlis also being given a chance to shine as the dastardly V.M. Varga. The bizarreness that viewers of previous seasons grew to love is still present and better than ever.

Altered Carbon (2nd Feb)

In a world where technology is improving the lives of many, it is also being exploited by the 1% in this dystopian/cyberpunk futuristic world. This new Netflix original series has been described as a combination of Blade Runner, Black Mirror and Westworld, which may be setting the bar perhaps a bit too high. It focuses on a lone surviving soldier – whose fellow soldiers are all long dead after a failed rebellion against the new world order – who must solve a murder. This promises to be a bold, lavish production and reports have cited that Netflix are very happy with it.