It is of course that dreaded time of year again where Freshers Flu is taking its toll on students’ health. The term ‘Freshers Flu’ is used to refer to a range of different illnesses, but is commonly referred to as a cold that encompasses a myriad of symptoms.

The ONS suggest that 27.5 million working days are lost each year to coughs and colds, allowing Freshers Flu to greatly impact students’ studies. Every autumn the UK sees the mass-migration of around 1.8 million young people, often living in concentrated areas, suffering from an outbreak of respiratory diseases.

Although there is no singular cause, a combination of a poor diet and exhaustion contribute to the outbreak of the cold. For this reason, health professionals recommend drinking lots of water, resting, and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.

To prevent more serious illnesses from developing, there are vaccinations offered to some new students at the Medical Centre, including Meningitis ACWY and Influenza.