Every traveller needs three things: a comfy bed to rest their weary head, a decent meal, and somewhere to enjoy a cool drink after a long day of exploring and sightseeing.  If you’re looking for a livelier end to the day (or want get drunk in a hospital, or up an enormous tree) stop off at one of these unique, wacky bars for a shot of something different.

Sunland Pub, Limpopo, South Africa

Initially built to quench the thirst of locals, this hollowed out tree attracts thousands in need of a pint each year.  Inside the 6,000-year-old, 72-foot high monster of a baobab, is a bar big enough to fit 40 people (there’s even a wine cellar) making it the perfect place to escape from the heat.

Clinic, Clarke Quay, Singapore

For many of us, a visit to the hospital is an experience to dread, but there is nothing to fear at this crazy bar. With wheelchairs for seats, surgery room lighting and cocktails served in syringes, blood bags and test tubes, it comes as little surprise to learn the architect responsible for this medical marvel is Damien Hirst. Chill out on hospital beds, or cut some shapes on the dance floor in the nightclub, Morphine.

Bojangles, Alice Springs, Australia

A visit to Uluru for any traveller will almost certainly lead to this curious bar. Looking relatively unseemly from the outside, step inside to an interior full of crazy décor. Boots hang from the ceiling, snakes reside in tanks, a coffin plays host to a suit of armour and the taps in the bathrooms turn on the water in a different sink. Far too confusing if you’ve had a few too many of the stonkingly cheap beers.

Hobbit House, Manila, Philippines

Ever since the release of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, the world has descended upon New Zealand to recreate a little bit of Hobbiton, but the craze didn’t start there. Hobbit House opened in Manila 35 years ago and is staffed entirely by dwarves rescued from the slums of the city. Enjoy over 100 types of beer, catch some great live music and be entertained by the world’s smallest Elvis impersonator.

Das Klo Bar, Berlin, Germany

Possibly one of the most bizarre drinking experiences ever, Das Klo Bar will keep you on your toes. Part flea market, part zoo and part theme park, the bird spider on display is the least of your worries. Bar stools rotate, tables dish out electric shocks and a false ceiling regularly cascades into a papier-mâché avalanche. Be prepared, upon entry you’ll be sprinkled with water and spooked by skeletons. The ladies loos are booby-trapped too, watch out.

Everyone loves a bit of craziness, and there’s no doubt these bars will entertain, surprise, confuse and even drive you crazy. But, one thing is for sure, they’re more exciting than the majority of watering holes out there which offer the usual beer, dartboard and pool table. Next time you’re in any of these cities, stand out from the crowd and try something different when you go out for a drink. You won’t regret it.