No doubt you’ve come to freshers with high expectations – and rightly so. Stories of wild freshers nights are sure to have trickled down from older brothers, sisters and friends who have done it all before. Guinness World Records have been broken on freshers week, dignities have been lost in irretrievable places (the LCR), and memories are made that are either never forgotten, or never brought up again.

But is it all like that? Is freshers going to be the best week of your uni experience? *Spoiler* no.

Its undeniably great, Campus is bustling with more things than you can possibly ever do in a week – vintage fairs, ram packed nights out throughout campus and the city, as well as a huge amount of hungover people doing the walk of shame each morning – it’s glorious.

But freshers week suffers from something I call ‘New Years Eve Syndrome,’ in which you’re all ready to go out, you’re all unbelievably excited but something just isn’t quite right. Somehow, the nights can never quite live up to what you expect. But don’t worry. That might happen every New Years Eve but it’s still a good night – what you should look forward too is the weeks after freshers.

Think of any night out you’ve had, any good memory you can muster – was it good because of the situation? Or was it good because of the people you were with? I can guarantee you, a night out in the best club in the world when you’re on your own wouldn’t be as good as a night out in an average club with your best mates – it’s the company you keep that makes the memory.

This is precisely why your best university experiences won’t be freshers. Sure, you’ll remember the time when your flatmate tried to bring someone back to their room but ended up being sick on them (it happens more than you’d think) and you’ll probably remember that 12th Sambuca shot and nothing after it, but there’s more to come.

Each and every one of the best memories I’ve collected at uni has nothing to do with freshers. It also has nothing to do with going out partying – sure that was fun, but nothing beats those memories when you’re all just getting along.

By the end of the first month, you’ll have your group of friends sorted, and you’ll become as thick as thieves – that’s where the fun begins. Everything is better with the right group.

Freshers will be incredible, but keep an eye out for those little moments with your mates you really won’t forget. That’s after you’ve completed your week of being overly drunk strangers, mind you.

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