Our glorious Valve-Overlord, Gabe Newell, recently participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the people of Reddit, giving some new announcements about what’s in store for Valve and the Steam platform in 2017 as well as some more personal insights about the man himself.

Newell confirmed that Valve are dedicated to improving Steam’s much-criticised customer support ..system, with a focus on faster response times, an improved refund system, and an acknowledgement that there is more to be done in the coming months. Valve has already hired extra support staff to help bring about these aims, with five times more staff on support since Newell’s last AMA.

A common criticism of Steam has been the lack of quality control for new games, with buggy, microtransaction-heavy, or even copyright-infringing games flooding the front page. Newell responded to this with no promise for quality-control, but instead an improved filtering to tailor to customers’ preferences.

Aside from Steam as a platform, the exciting news is that Valve will be investing more into VR this year, and  there are movies on the way. Films set in the Half Life and Portal universe are being produced, and none other than J.J.Abrams, known for his work on Stark Trek and Star Wars, is already on-board.

And, finally, we have been told that Valve have a fully-fledged single-player game in the works. While this isn’t the fabled confirmation of Half-Life 3, Newell did confirm that there is a chance of a new IP set in the Half-Life/Portal universe. Could this be the same game, or are we getting two? All I know is I’m looking forward to the next AMA.

For more, head over to r/The_Gaben for the full interview.