The Union of UEA Studenst got creative for National Voter Registration day with a herd of goats taking centre stage in The Square.

The ‘Goats for Votes’ drive encouraged students to register to vote in Norwich South for the upcoming general election. In exchange students were able to pet the goats, receive Goats for Votes merchandise and try some award winning local goat’s cheese.

Union officers and staff were also on hand to help students register online using iPads or find out more information about their election choices. The goats were courtesy of Sam Stiggles, owner of Fielding Cottage, located just outside Norwich.

Student turnout in the 2010 general election was 64% in Norwich South, however nationally only 44% of those aged 18-24 voted. The event was highly popular with crowds taking pictures with goats throughout the day.

The drive is seen as particularly important for Norwich South due to the constitunecy being a marginal seat. Fewer than 300 votes would be enough to see the current Norwich South MP, Simon Wright lose his seat to another candidate.