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No experience is necessary! You don’t need to be a best-selling novelist or anything… tell us if you are though!

We’re always willing to hear ideas and suggestions. Pitch ‘em to us!

We have 15 sections which cover everything from music reviews to campus news.

If you know which section you’re interested in writing for, have a chat with the relevant section-editor. Their details are here.

If you’re not sure, send an email to for more information or chat to us at Societies fair in September.

Online team

We’re looking for people to help out our Online team with Concrete’s online and digital aspects.

If you you could spare couple of hours every second Monday, on a flexible basis, let us know at and


Got any pretty snaps of campus or the city? Send them over (as JPEGs or PNGs please) to and we’ll add them to our stash and use them online and in print.

If you’re interested in taking pictures for the newspaper on a more regular basis, get in touch!


We’re always looking to feature student artwork alongside articles. Get in touch with our Art & Design Coordinators at to get started.



Our copy editors are committed to depleting red pens of their ink. An extra pair of eagle eyes is always welcome. If you could spare a few hours every other Wednesday or Saturday, get in touch with Hannah Brown and Sophie Clayton at

You can join Concrete here.