Originating from the pop-punk era we all know and loved so well, these two bands have had almost a solid 10 years on and off the road, entertaining emo kids and likely their parental chaperones all across the States and the UK. With both bands having their fair share of anthems and a consistently supportive and growing fan bases, it was easy to predict the live gig would be an enjoyable event. They were also supported by two very promising opening acts: Beautiful Bodies, with their likeable and animated female lead singer and the outspoken Have Mercy, with sounds reminiscent of 90s alternative.

It was an interesting mix that night in the LCR, with the older generations of fans crammed right up front with a more youthful and keen crowd. The show being 14+, there was also a noticeable amount of adults, cheerfully accompanying their children to perhaps what was their first concert. And then there were the true die-hards, who knew every word to every song, and proudly wore the merch of past tours. In general, the crowd was excited yet mellow, making it a gig enjoyable for all ages.

With the start of The Maine’s set, though the LCR was dimly lit, it was clear to see who was there for a nostalgic blast from the past, singing along to the pop punk classics like Everything I Ask For and Right Girl, and those who had been recently introduced to the bands new upbeat, alternative feel off their most recent album American Candy. The band’s unofficial hype man and lead singer, John O’Callaghan, maintained the crowd’s energy with quips in between songs and high enthusiasm throughout the entire set. Female fans were also particularly satisfied with his performance, as his every word was often accompanied by a shrill “I love you!” or other distant shouts of praise.

After an exciting warm up from The Maine, Mayday Parade took the stage, opening with a song off their new album Black Lines followed by Jamie All Over, a more popular hit from their 2007 album A Lesson in Romantics. The rest of the set was a healthy mix of the old and the new, garnering approval from both sides of the fan base. They even travelled as far back as their first EP, with the long-time crowd favourite ballad, Three Cheers for Five Years earning them an emotional sing along from everyone in attendance. The band finished it off with the upbeat and dance worthy, Black Cat and ever so relatable Miserable at Best, leaving the crowd energized and cheering for an encore. The final words of Jersey carried fans out; feeling either very nostalgic or just plain excited to see a band so expert in their genre.