Ginger Sparkle range by The Body Shop – review

In this wintry month counting down to the holidays is inevitable. We welcome any Christmassy things with our open, coated arms, and what says Christmas like gingerbread and glitter? The Body Shop’s Ginger Sparkle range may just be your perfect stocking-filler. Launched last year, the collection is back by popular demand and contains a variety of bath and body products, from lip balm to sparkling lotion. In addition to this, the range includes reed diffusers and fragrance oil so that you can infuse your room with spicy ginger scents without having to bake one bit.


One of the most appealing aspects of the Ginger Sparkle range is that the ingredients, a selection of which is community fair traded, are sourced worldwide, but the majority of the production occurs in the U.K. Venue visited The Body Shop to learn more about the Ginger Sparkle collection. In all the products, it was initially disappointing to find out that the products don’t literally smell like sweet gingerbread. The website describes the smell as “zingy ginger” and the products do contain ginger root extract, yet they smell surprisingly of citrus and cola. However, the more we tried the products the more we realised the smell is still spicy and musky, like gingerbread, and still very appealing. Here are more details on the top four products, tried and tested:

Shower Gel
It is a transparent yellow and slightly sparkly. The smell is stronger than in the other products but that just makes it all the more enchanting when used in a steamy shower. The shower gel lathers really well, which makes it economical as well as effective. After trying it out, it’s no wonder why this is such a popular choice.

Body Butter
The Body Shop’s body butter is one of its most renowned products and Venue are not surprised that it is featured in the collection. According to the website, the body butter promises 24 hour hydration. Upon opening the container, the colour is a light peach and the body butter is very thick. It is a highly effective moisturiser and skin still feels smooth the next day after application. However the heavy texture makes it more difficult to glide over the skin unlike other body lotions, but this is the nature of body butter over a lotion.

Hand Cream
The packaging of the hand cream is very festive with the gold lid and brown sheen tube and The Body Shop promises hands will be “feeling softer and smoother” after its use. As a hand cream it is quickly absorbed into the skin and does nourish the hands. The spice-like scent leaves the hands not only feeling but smelling fresh.

Shimmer Lotion
This is a peach shade and the zesty smell is similar to that of the body butter and hand cream. The lotion is a lot thinner in texture, which makes it easy to spread over the body but not as effective as a moisturiser compared to the hand cream and body butter. Nonetheless, the subtle silver shimmer on the skin is beautiful and makes it a great Christmas product.


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