A UEA graduate has developed a digital tool which he claims could be the end to the global housing crisis.

EHAB, the eco housing start up, claims on its website that over 1 billion people live in unaffordable or unsuitable housing and with the world’s population 8.5billion by 2030, calls for radical housing projects are becoming increasingly popular.

Josh Graham, the entrepreneur behind the project, started EHAB with the aim of providing eco-friendly housing, but the idea developed into what they now call a “decentralised platform” that “empowers people to collaboratively create and finance affordable and sustainable housing projects, while sharing in the profits from these developments.”

The platform works by having shareholders buy cryptocurrency tokens to crowdfund house building projects, which are then sold back to the owner. The aim is to have a collaborative community say in house building.

EHAB will be responsible for the building and delivery of 20,000 homes in the Cambridge Norwich Technology Corridor within the next decade, and Graham has high hopes for the future, telling the Eastern Daily Press that “the tool will be most useful in large-scale projects, 1,000 homes or more.

“There will already be so many stakeholders involved on a project like that with competing wants and needs. With our platform, everyone’s demands can be seen”

EHAB will become open for investors to get involved when tokens go on pre-sale on Friday 9 February , with general sale beginning Thursday 1 March.