So your first few weeks have gone well at UEA (whether a fresher or a returner); your lectures aren’t worth skipping (yet), everything is going okay with your housemates (for now) and your liver is pickling away quite nicely in the LCR. But then comes one of the next hurdles; where do you get your rapidly growing hair cut before you resemble a wig with legs?

As a guy in Norwich, you’ve got plenty of options; from the hipster places on the Lanes to the bigger places in the middle of town. But if you are looking for a place with a soul and good prices, Hair for Men on Unthank Road is a winner.

Serving the community local to every student’s favourite road, the barbers have seen a lot of UEA students through the doors, so you know you’re in good hands. You’ll leave with a cut with more finesse, class and style than you could shake a pair of scissors at; and the chances are you’ll also be leaving one happy chap. We’d dare you to go in there and not have a laugh with the barbers, whether it is over something topical or the fact that one of your lecturers always gets his hair cut there before he sees his parents (who knew?).

When you do eventually concede your mop needs chopping, head down to Hair for Men. Your wallet will not be crying, you will not have sat through half an hour of forced conversation about the football team you do not follow, and your cut will make you look your best on your next session in the LCR, topping up your liver with VK.