Heston is back with his usual crazy plans to reintroduce the magic and wonder to food, all done through channelling Willy Wonka and childhood regression.

Episode one focused on the most important meal of the day: breakfast. He was working towards his aim of setting up a breakfast train, a la orient express, where commuters would sit and eat their breakfast on the way to work and perhaps interact with each other. (Commuters interacting?! Yes you did read that right!)

On the menu was the world’s largest egg and soldiers, containing no egg… Giant shredded wheat packed full of the tastes (and sounds) of our favourite childhood cereals, and finally the good ol’ British fry up, though nothing was as it seemed.

Sounds exciting, no? Unfortunately you’re left feeling more than a little  underwhelmed and the slow paced nature of the show makes it drag. In that respect perhaps, Heston’s Fantastical Food was up to standard of the usual Channel Four documentary. Same boring format, just a slightly different topic.

There were a few wow moments and even a few laughs, but they were too few and far between to make much difference. Most of the episode was spent walking the viewer through the science and psychology of his breakfast concept. There were insights into Heston’s mind and exploration of the psychology behind certain smells and sounds.

This is certainly not a show where you will gain cookery skills or be able to try out the recipes.  If, however, you love the science behind food combined with the craziness of Willy Wonka this will be right up your street! Tune in Tuesday’s at 9pm or catch up on 4oD now.