Homeland is back with a boom. Explosive scenes and dramatic romantic interludes were the ingredients to the previous seasons. Not deviating far from the past series, season six is  a treat for viewers because of the action packed scenes that address terrorism, political scandal, sex and lies. Set in the big apple, New York City, domestic Islamic terrorism and the potential crisis in the Middle East are concerns that drive the CIA to act.

Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) does not disappoint in entertaining millions with her heartfelt portrayal of a workaholic professional working in the CIA. Now a legal advocate for Muslim Americans, she takes on the case of a young man, who keeps a provocative blog that challenges people to empathize with Muslim terrorists. Provocative and controversial, it is Danes’s convincing performance as a CIA agent that makes the show so popular.

Donald Trump, America’s new president mirrors the successful television show as new President-Elect, Elizabeth Keane steps up as the leader of the free world. This female political leader questions everything about how the country handles itself in regards to its Middle Eastern policies. The series is certainly a catch and relatable to the modern viewer who is aware of the terrorist threat.

Tuning into this entertaining show for a sixth season is a wise choice because of Claire Danes’s authentic performance as the leading CIA agent. We love her because she has emotional depth and intelligent insight, with the ability to perceive potential attacks on America. We empathise with Carrie because her bipolar disorder has a negative hold on her wellbeing. A female heroine who saves civilians from terrorist attacks, Danes inspires young people to fight terrorism.

Dark? Of course. These twisted scenarios play out thanks to Saul and Dar’s backroom machinations. Man on man conflict and tension is part of the gripping script that entertains the viewers. Back on American soil, it is a familiar feeling that comforts the reader. Most importantly, Homeland’s political commentary and setting up a presidential transition is part of the excitement and allure that will attract another generation of viewers.