Early 2016: House of Cards season four is released. Barack Obama is still President. Britain is still a part of Europe. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are an item. Innocent times. However, as this all came crashing down towards the end of 2016, the most interesting thing will be to see how House of Cards season five deals with these big changes. As Trump sits on his throne of skulls in the White House, Brexit becomes the word of the year and Hiddleswift is no more (okay, obviously they will not deal with the last one) the eyes of the world turn to this Netflix original. The past few months alone have felt like an episode of House of Cards with a sprinkle of Black Mirror as we are left with a controversial President who has in turn triggered public outrage, not unlike Frank Underwood’s rise to power at the end of season two.

When Kevin Spacey stated on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2015 that the person who Frank Underwood addresses when he looks straight at the camera during his monologues is Donald Trump it was greeted with laughter and applause but now it seems he may not have been joking. Like Trump, Underwood is ruthless towards his opponents and the press, constantly battling various accusations against him and currently riding a wave of unpopularity. House of Cards is certainly not in danger of ever becoming too outlandish or ridiculous as the political world seems to be hot on its heels, replicating the seemingly outrageous events we watch week in and week out on the small screen.

This means that come 30th May the gripping House of Cards will take centre stage and we can see how closely it dares to address the current political climate, whether that be explicitly or with a more subtle touch. The recent teaser trailer does not reveal much for what the upcoming season has in store, just the American flag hanging ominously upside down, reflecting the political turmoil in the series and perhaps by extension that which threatens to engulf the real world too.

One thing is for certain however, this month the public waits with baited breath to watch the actions and repercussions of the controversial and tyrannical President who haunts our dreams at night. And of course they look forward to watching House of Cards too.