Gaming is an expensive hobby (one look at the price tags in your local Game store will tell you that) but, despite calls from numerous managing directors of the vast publishing companies, somehow game prices have continued to rise. This can be difficult if your choice is between Halo 5 and lunch for the next two weeks. It’s not necessary to play the most recent releases.

University is a great place to discover new things and video games have a deep, and rich history outside of the obsession with open-world, rpg, action games.

Try to avoid looking at the latest titles with hungry eyes. Instead it’s very worthwhile trying to find copies of early games in the series. These are often slightly more raw, and clearly show their
age, but they contain what made the game so popular. Why spend £39.99 on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided when you can spend £4.99 and play the original?

Consoles depreciate in value amazingly quickly after each new generation but the quality of games don’t. Go back two, or three, generations, and you’ll be surprised at the price of pre-owned games that you missed the first time round. If you are able to look past a polygon cap of about eleven, and a complete disregard for the importance of anti-aliasing, there are many gems from previous generations that provide enjoyable or thought provoking experiences.

Stores like C.E.X will have abundant libraries of previous generation games, often at miniscule prices, so you can always get your console fix there. Steam has a mind-blowing collection of older games, and Steam sales will always be a great way to get games cheap. The sales are sometimes organised by publisher, and it isn’t a rare sight to see older games in franchises discounted much cheaper than their newer counterparts. GOG. com, standing for Good Old Games, also catalouge older games, however these are not always as cheap as Steam sales.

It is difficult to not get swept up in the hype of the so called “triple-A” industry but it’s really important to maintain perspective. Older consoles require no internet connection, still work if you’ve got the disk, and allow you to move at your own pace through the world.

So, go buff up on your video game history while you struggle to fit those three little red, white, and yellow connectors into your HDMI port. And if you can’t sink a 100 hours into the original Deus Ex, or explore all of “Whispering Rocks Summer Camp” in Psychonauts then I’ll be coming round to have words.