LinkedIn, the academic version of Facebook, has now become an increasingly popular way for people to highlight their academic qualities and skills, making it a place for employers to find potential employees. It’s a good idea to create an account for post-uni because it showcases what you’ve done, and gives you the chance to join forums as well as speak to other like-minded people in the profession that you are interested in! Of course, it’s by no means a guaranteed job-finder, but it’s definitely worth having because you never know when employers might be looking! And, if you’re going to get an account, don’t do a half-hearted job with your profile. Treat it like a CV and put everything that you’ve done on it so far. Having an incomplete profile makes you look unprofessional, so make use of everything LinkedIn has to offer.

Having an online presence these days is kind of important to employers. So making sure your online presence is both professional and strong will be of benefit when you leave university. And, this doesn’t just mean having a Facebook and Twitter account. Blogging has become a really popular way to get across your opinions to other people, whatever you decide to write about. It can be a great thing to show future employers, whether you bring it up in an interview that you have one, or send them a link so they can see it. It shows them what writing skills you have and that you are interested in what you’re talking about, enough to share it and regularly update it. It’s all very well telling an employer what you can do, but to have something to present to them can be the very thing that makes you just that little bit more memorable!