A knitted Christmas tree measuring over 15 feet tall is being displayed at the Sainsbury Centre over the festive period in support of the charity Livability.

The charity provides accommodation for 20 disabled and disadvantaged young adults, enabling them to live independently in self-contained flats.

Chief Operating Officer at the Sainsbury Centre, Tony Johnson, described the tree as “the inspiration of Ann Meijer, whose daughter Catherine lives at John Grooms Court in Norwich”.

The Centre is “delighted to be able to support Livability and showcase the work of the many generous contributors to this worthy cause throughout the festive season.”

Over 600 people were involved in the making of the tree which has nearly 2,000 decorations, with the tub, bark and star all hand-knitted.

The aim of the project is to raise funds to support new units and a new lift for John Grooms Court and donations can be made either at the Sainsbury Centre or directly to Livability at John Grooms Court Norwich.

Photo: Ga Chun Yau.