More than two years after its original release date, 2018 is still the perfect time to discover Brace Yourself Games’ rhythm-based roguelike sleeper hit. NecroDancer offers a fun and inventive twist on the genre as no clear directions are given for the rhythm-based gameplay, unlike most other titles in the category. Instead, it is entirely up to the player to decide on how they play with the rhythm and manoeuvre to the end of the level.

This creates a consistent challenge as it mandates movement that is both speedy and thoughtful, constantly keeping the player alert and engaged. Whenever a new enemy or boss appears, the player must adjust whichever patterns they’ve created in order to fit the new challenger.

Support for the game has been consistently strong, with 2017 seeing its first gameplay expansion as well as multiple tracks being released. What makes NecroDancer so memorable to me, however, is just how many gameplay elements are layered on top of the core rhythm-based action. There are multiple playable characters (whose myriad abilities radically alter playthroughs of the game,) daily challenges to complete, as well as full mod support on the Steam Workshop.

Ultimately, what makes NecroDancer the perfect pick for the January games drought is the endless value it offers. With an incredible amount of content that all reaches the same high-quality threshold, this is one title that will never truly go stale.