Professing an adoration for the 8-bit classics, Songbringer is an action-RPG with an interesting take on world building.

Told from the perspective of adventurer Roq and robot chum Jib, level design draws amply from the Zelda series, bolstering enemy-ridden overworlds with puzzle-filled dungeons from a top down perspective. The vulnerability heightens some, however, when you’re asked to shove that world into existence.

You do this by typing any six letter word you like, in order to create a ‘seed’ that could spawn desert. From sparse, deserty terrain to boggy monster-marshes, worlds (and their difficulty) vary across seeds – worth a shot if you’re partial to roguelike elements.

An iOS and Android port could serve Songbringer particularly well; its intense encounters and intriguing (yet comfortably un-boggling) puzzles makes Songbringer an effective, engaging portable escape.