Your second album Freedom of Speech is being released this month, how does it feel different this time around?

I had more confidence, more understanding of the business. Last time was more like an experiment.

You tweeted frequently during the London riots and released your track Blaze Up a Fire early, do you still think that was the right decision?

Yeah definitely, I think it was the right decision. I definitely stand by it, I support that if you believe something you should stand by it.

You speak out about your opinions on current issues, do you think other music stars and the like should do the same?

I don’t care, it’s not for me to say what they should and shouldn’t speak about.

Why do you choose to speak so honestly?

I don’t have the ability to think before I speak [laughs].

Your track Spinnin’ has become an official Olympic anthem, covered vocally by Tinchy Stryder and Dionne Bromfield. How did that come about?

It came about … Tinchy Stryder and Dionne Bromfield did a cover of it and the cover was used as the Olympic torch anthem.

What are your thoughts on the Olympics and do you think they’ve got a good role to play?

Erm, I wish I knew a bit more about economics to be able to answer the question, you know? I’m not sure, it’s not my avenue. I’m gonna watch it on telly.

What are you most excited about this year?

I’m playing the Jazz Cafe in London on the 23rd February, which I’ve always wanted to do and then I go off to tour Europe. And I’m going to do a few music festivals and yeah it will be really good to get out and tour. And I’m doing a documentary as well which is going quite well. Yeah I think it’s going to be out like in April and it’s about young people and homelessness.

Do you have any ambitions outside music?

Well yeah, I mean I don’t think I’ve reached the [highest] level as an artist yet, you think of how many artists have been around and have like seven albums, you know what I mean? I want to continue to make music. My other big passion is cooking though, and I’m going to make a YouTube cooking show.

What do you think you’re going to cook?

I’m not sure, I could teach how to make my jerk chicken. I don’t know, I’m a big fan of fish, so some nice fish dishes.

Well I could use some tips.

Great, well check it out, check it out, I’ll have a glass of wine while cooking [laughs].

What do you do on days when you want to write but have no inspiration?

Erm, I mean it’s … I kind of started to learn to switch on to the job I think. You have to have a day job. You have to learn how to choose, you have to learn how to switch off and carry on with other things and then the next opportunity you switch it back on again.

Would you like to go in a new musical direction next?

I think I’d like to stay in the same, but I definitely want to be bigger you know, I want to have that string quartet you know. I want to get bigger. I’ve always been a fan of big rock ballads so if I could try and mix that with hip hop that would be a goal of mine.

What rock stars do you like? Who would you collaborate with?

Oh dear … erm I like Kings of Leon, I’m not sure if they’re called rock or something else but yeah I’m a big fan of Kings of Leon. I like their song Manhattan.

Who’s an example of a current artist you like of any genre?

I like the new Wiley album.

When will you announce what festivals you’ll be playing at?

We’re just talking about that at the moment, so by the time I come back from tour we should have those dates.

And finally, what is your dream festival to headline?

It’s got to be Glastonbury!