You’re halfway through your UK tour, how are you enjoying it so far?
[su_quote]It’s been great, we get to do our favourite thing everyday! Like, play a show, play some music for people. It’s travelling as well, getting to be in a new city everyday. We were lucky enough to arrive here yesterday, because we had the day off, so we had time to kind of explore Norwich. We’d been here before because we played Radio 1’s Big Weekend last year, and we did the Propaganda night the night before. But basically this tour is like the Fickle Friends’ tour of the UK’s vintage shops! We got some good stuff today! [/su_quote]

What’s your favourite venue you’ve played?
[su_quote]We loved Dingwalls (Camden), it was great! We always seem to have a lovely time in Nottingham as well. Just the Bodaga is great! We actually play Brighton, where we first formed, surprisingly the least. Our place is London really, that’s where all of our fans are. It’s very difficult when you go to uni together to get out of that initial ‘it’s just your uni mates turning up to your gigs’ kind of thing, but you get out of that and then it’s your actual fans. [/su_quote]

Late last year you released ‘Say No More’, along with your first EP Velvet in the May – how did you find the reaction?
[su_quote]The EP was good. It was pretty quiet. We’re so used to releasing singles and kind of getting a bit of buzz online, that doing four songs at once kind of almost felt like ‘ah, people don’t care’. But everything’s gone from us being like an online ‘buzz band’ on the blogs and on SoundCloud, to now it moving over to Spotify. So you just have to look at where the Spotify count is and stuff to be like ‘people are still listening to it’. The response was great – it’s just more online – but it still shows that people still want to buy it and stuff. We’re still selling it as well, every night of the tour we’re selling it – the Velvet EP. People must still like it, so that’s lovely![/su_quote]

You’ve dropped catchy single after catchy single, what’s your favourite one you’ve written? And your favourite track to play live?
[su_quote]We write all the time, so ‘Swim’ was our first single, our first song to ever write together, and we’ve been playing it for two years. So it’s kind of like when you play it at the end of the set it’s like ‘ah, I’m home again’, and you don’t have to think about it, it’s so natural. Usually, the newest songs are our favourite, because we’re so excited about it being a new song. So that’s usually how it turns out![/su_quote]

Who would you say were the key artists you’ve taken inspiration from as a band?
[su_quote]We listen to loads and loads of stuff. We really like eighties production, so all the synth and the way they treat everything. Then, bands we listen to, like Phoenix, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson. It comes from everywhere, you can hear different bands within our music. If we have a favourite song and we think ‘that’s amazing’, we can use an element of that song and kind input it into our own stuff. [/su_quote]

Any ideas about if and when we should expect an album?
[su_quote]We’re recording our album this year. It’s just whether it comes out the end of this year or the beginning of the next. It’s fully on the way, though! It’s being written![/su_quote]

Festival season is coming up, so we wanted to ask you, festivals vs. smaller headline gigs – how do they differ from each other, and which kind of shows do you prefer?
[su_quote]It always depends on the festival itself, really. We’ve done Secret Garden Party two years in a row now, and our billing was about 6 o’clock on a Saturday, which was great, pretty decent. It’s almost sunset, it’s busy, and it’s amazing. We’ve done as well main stage at Boardmasters, and being on a stage that huge is just like ‘this is crazy’. But sometimes people care more when you’re playing a smaller stage, as they’ve come to see you rather than just manage to catch you because you’re on the main stage. [/su_quote]