One of UEA’s smaller but most fun sporting societies is Table Football. Secretary Patrick Wiseman tells Concrete about his society…

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ may apply to most things, but it certainly doesn’t to table football – you get far more than what you pay for! The joining fee is just £3, far cheaper than most societies, and a lot more fun as well! We might be a very small society, but the upside to that is everyone becomes friends really quickly.

We meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 in the Hive and tournaments start soon after, with a prize up for grabs if you top the leaderboard. In just one evening we play so many rounds that you more than get your money’s worth. It’s a very relaxed society and everyone is welcome. Admittedly that sounds very much like a sales pitch, but it’s true – I’m absolutely hopeless and yet I still turn up every week because it’s such a laugh.

After the leaderboard is tallied up, and I invariably come near the bottom of the scoresheet, we head down to the bar to play pool, have a few more drinks and watch the football if there’s a match on. It’s a great way to spend a relaxed Wednesday evening. If you’re free around then, why not come along and join us for a game or two? We’re always open for prospective new members, especially those who can shake up the leaderboard. If not, then at least have fun competing to see who’s the most hopeless!

President Ellie Ioannou adds: ‘Table football is a very chilled and enjoyable society, with a friendly and welcoming environment for all at our sessions. We also hold a variety of socials, the most recent being our Christmas party. You can find us on the SU website or join our Facebook group, ‘UEA Table Football Society’.’

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