UEA’s Islamic Society (ISOC) are hosting a week long charity event in aid of Rohingya Muslims.The fundraising is done on behalf of the ‘Islamic Relief’ charity, which help supply education, healthcare, infrastructure and security to multiple regions and thousands of citizens worldwide. The week itself consists of a variety of activities including a bake sale, a ‘pamper and pancakes’ and a HalalFest – most of which are free and rely on donations from the public in order to fundraise through them.

Charity week is a larger scale event, where multiple societies and universities will dedicate their time to raising money for a charity through the help of Islamic Relief.

The movement started off as a small group of 20 students, but has now transformed into a nationwide event, raising over £3million in total since its founding. The money raised has helped people in Palestine, Damascus and Jordan among others.

The event begins on campus, with their first event, the ‘Bake Sale’ starting Monday 23rd at 10am in The Hive, and their last event ending the following Friday at 4pm in the same location.

More information is available on ISOC’s Facebook page.