Luckily, Clive Lewis and Chloe Smiths’  expenses are overall rather boring. There are no moats for duck houses, no Jacuzzi fittings and no dodgy low quality porn films. Quite the boring bunch. The two Norwich MPs claimed £160,000 and £168,000 respectively, smack bang in the middle of the pack; so cheers to them, thanks for not stealing all our money.

If I wanted to be cynical, I could argue that the devil is in the detail, and if you look closely at their expenses there are some pretty bizarre things that they both claimed. Some of their claims for trivial purchases do pose questions. Smith claimed £30 for an Ipad cover and Lewis claimed £1.20 for a juice.

Sure, it’s not a big deal at all really. But on the matter of principle, why does the tax payer need to pay for Smith to have a protected iPad? Evidently her salary can cover it.

However, I’m nitpicking here. Between them Lewis and Smith have showed serious respect to the taxpayer this year, by not taking liberties. I mean if Lewis wants to claim a juice on my tax money then go ahead, chances are I’d buy him a pint if I saw him anyway.